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Character Strengths Coaching (CSC)

  • Online
  • Remote coaching through Skype or phone
  • For practitioners or anyone interested in developing their character strengths
  • Offered through the global nonprofit, VIA Institute

Description: Try this unique approach to coaching that is completely online. Ryan connects by phone or Skype with individuals around the world. This approach to coaching is perfect for those wanting to discover, explore, and make better use of their character strengths, as well as set meaningful goals for self-improvement. Learn more about positive psychology and bringing this science into action in your daily life.

Practitioners take advantage of CSC for personal development, to improve their strengths use in their sessions with clients, and also for case consultation.

Discount packages available.

CSC is available with Ryan only through the global, nonprofit VIA Institute. Click here to learn more.

Strengths-Based Psychotherapy

  • Face-to-face counseling
  • Offered at Blue Ash Psychology Center in Cincinnati
  • Increase your happiness
  • Better navigate through problems
  • Reach full potential

: This is the way psychotherapy and counseling should be: strengths-based!

Strengths-based psychotherapy differs from traditional psychotherapy because there is less emphasis on assessing and diagnosing disorders and much greater emphasis on assessing and diagnosing strengths of character. The counseling approach involves working with these character strengths and other positive qualities that exist within you. This approach will help you reach greater happiness, manage life problems, improve your relationships, and help you set specific, achievable goals.

Sliding scale is available.

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